His Blessed Sons

Huzoor Sadrululma was awarded with the blessing of 3 Sons by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala.

1.Hazrat Maulana Hassan Raza Khan Madda’zilla’hul Aaliyah

He is the eldest son of Huzoor Sadrululma and is presently serving the Devine responsibility of Sajjada Nashin of Khanqa-e-Tehseeni. Apart from this He is also engaged in various activities of serving Ahlysunnah wal Jamaat.
Under his guidance various activities of Ahlaysunnah are propagating in India and Mauritius.

2.Hazrat Maulana Rizwan Raza Khan Damat’barkaat’humul’Aliyah

He is the second son of Huzoor Sadrululma and has been awarded with being the Janasheen of Sadrululma Allama Tahseen Raza Khan Alaihir-rahma and is younger to his elder brother Maulana Hassan Raza Khan Sahab.
Like his Father Maulana Rizwan Raza Khan Sahab has devoted his life in the service of Ahlaysunnah.
Presently he is running a Madarsa in order to propagate his efforts towards serving Ahlaysunnah.

3.Er. Sohaib Raza Khan Sahab
He the youngest son of Huzoor Sadrululma, Sohaib Raza is an Engineer by profession and is heartily devoted in serving the responsibility of being the Mohtamim of Khanqah Shareef.
Besides this he is also the National President of Ustad-e-Zaman Society whose activities are benefiting the Ahlaysunnah wal Jamaat.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala bless all of them with health, wealth , knowledge and benefits of this world and the world hereafter.


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